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Naturopathy & Yoga
   GoldAge Hospital Geriatric Clinic
The clinic is setup with the primary objective of providing a one-stop health care center for the elderly requiring outpatient medical consultation, dietetic, nursing and case management services.
We have experienced doctors and senior physicians trained in geriatrics, rehabilitation and family medicine. The geriatric trained nurses would complement this service, dieticians and a case manager to co-ordinate services for our residents.
   Our clinic Aims
To look into the specialized health care needs of the elderly in our community.
To provide continual care for the elderly patients discharged from our hospital.
To link up the elderly with the appropriate resources within the community.
To allow the elderly in the community to have direct access to our services in the hospital.
An exclusive Physiotherapy Hospital with 30 years of exceptional track record of professional service under the expert guidance of senior Physiotherapist Dr. T. Koteswar Rao (ex AMC).
Diseases Taken Care

   Ortho Cases

Rheumatoid Arthritis
   Neuro Cases
Cerebral Palsy
Bells Palsy
G. B. syndrome
Parkinson’s Diseases
   Cardio-Thoracic Cases - REHABILITATION
Health Tips under the doctor’s guidance.
Monthly health checkups.
Preventive practices of diseases for happy living.
Physical Exercises, gym, Tips for Fitness.
Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Dietary habits.
   We provide treatment under hygienic conditions, well equipped separate wings for male and female.
Trained dietitians would provide health education and advice on nutritional needs for the elderly, for instance like healthier cooking methods and eating habits to better control the medical condition and / or nutritional status.

They would also look into the need of patients who have special feeding needs such as blended/minced diet, Ryle’s tube / PEG feeding.
This service is available to patients discharged from GoldAge well as new referrals.
   Medical Services
   Geriatric Assessment
Medical assessment would be provided for the elderly. This would include comprehensive geriatric assessment followed by the appropriate intervention.

Patients would then be referred to appropriate geriatric services.
   Follow-up of Recently Discharged Patients
Follow-up care would also be provided for patients discharged from our hospital. It aims towards providing continuing care as well as immediate post-discharge follow-up before eventual referral to the family physician.
   Assessment of patients for inpatient Rehabilitation

The clinic would also serve as an avenue for community referral for inpatient care at Goldage Ashram & Hospital. We would be able to assess suitability of patients directly referred from family physician or self-referrals.

   Medical Assessment Arm GoldAge Day Rehabilitation Center (DRC)
Patients referred to Goldage DRC would undergo their initial medical assessment at the Geriatric Clinic before embarking on their rehabilitation Program at the center. The clinics support the medical arm of the DRC in providing periodic medical review for the patients. This is to ensure that the medical health of our patients attending the center is well looked after.
It is a system of medicine which utilizes the inherent healing powers of the human being to treat the diseases. Human body if given an opportunity can heal itself with the help of its remarkable, recuperative power. Fasting, appropriate diet, Therapeutic Yoga & various physical therapeutics give the assistance to this healing power.
   Human Body Rejuvenation Scheme  
   Eight Days Health Restoration Program
As you send your vehicles & machines for regular servicing and over hauling, similarly our body too needs some rest, over hauling & servicing physically & mentally. This is a must for maintaining good health and happiness in life. This facility is available at our institution.
   Diseases Treated
Obesity (Over-Weight)
Diabetes Mellitus
Skin Disorders
Blood Pressure (High/Low)
Renal Problems
Cardiac Problems
Digestive Problems
Respiratory Problems
Psychological Problems
Hormonal Imbalances
   Treatment Available
Diet therapy
Magneto therapy
Massage with manual physiotherapy
Chromo therapy
Mud therapy
We Suggest Healthy Lifestyles
  • Founded by Ex - Army Doctors

  • Since 1979 - 33 Years

  • 9 Branches in 7 Cities

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